About Me

Before I get too ahead of myself, I think it would wise to tell my potential followers about me and what I wish to accomplish with this blog. My name is Daniel Gregory and I currently reside in Birmingham, UK. I’ve always been intrigued by photography ever since my parents bought me a bright yellow 35mm film camera when I was a kid.

Fast forward to present day and now armed with a digital SLR and a lot of spare time on my hands, I wanted to take my photography skills to the next level. I feel that this website will give me some motivation to share my work with the world and help inspire others to get out there and start shooting.

My primary goals are:

To seek out & network with creative people/potential clients
To make myself known to the photographic community
To share my work & experiences with the world
I’m here to evolve not just as a photographer but also as a human being.


Email Address: daniel@evolverphoto.co.uk

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